How Payments are calculated

We teach music lessons 39 weeks per year, so we’ll spread you’re payments over 11 months with a payment break in August!

39 lessons x £22.50 = £877.5. This is divided into 11 equal payments – £877.5 / 11 = £80 per month (except Aug)

What about the first payment?
Your first payment is often less. We calculate the number of lessons left in the academic year and then subtract the value of the full monthly payments you will make by the end of the year. On occasion, your first payment may include 2 months if there is only 1 or 2 lessons left in the current month.

What happens in school holidays?
Your monthly payments remain constant for 11 months (Sep-Jul). This includes months in which there is a holiday break. Some months there may be 5 lessons, other months there may just be 2 or 3.

But over the course of the whole year the payments even out.

What happens if the tutor is sick?
If we cant offer a substitute lesson or teacher, then we would reschedule or discount the subsequent months payment by the lesson value

What happens if we leave?
We need 30 days notice to cancel lessons. At this point we would calculate the number of lessons left in that 30 day period. We would then send you a final invoice to cover this lessons that takes into account any previous Direct Debit payments .