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Caline CP-510 Jaguar - Guitar Effects Pedal

Caline CP-510 Jaguar - Guitar Effects Pedal

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High gain distortion pedal. Friedman BE-OD type tones. 3 band EQ. Low, Mid, High, Vol, Bias and Gain knobs. True bypass and metal enclosure. A diverse high gain distortion pedal which can get a range of great modern metal tones as well as 90s metal. Influenced by the Joyo UZI which itself based on the BE OD. It provides some excellent British overdrive tones and sounds smooth and saturated when cranked. At lower settings it's more crunchy with a lot more subtlety. The 3 band EQ combined with Bias, which is a lot like a presence knob, help you tweak the Jaguar for your preferred crunch / distortion tones.

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