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William Bay

Guitar Journals - Chords by William Bay

Guitar Journals - Chords by William Bay

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A valuable book for any guitarist. Part one presents a dictionary of essential chord forms shown by inversion. Part two features a very thorough analysis of chord melody and quartal harmony voicings in each key. Playing through part II will train your hear to improvise chordal melodies. Ideal for daily practice. Ultimate guide of chord studies and perfect reference manual for everyday use. A comprehensive presentation of modern chord forms with analysis on how to use them effectively in contemporary music. Presents chord types shown in various inversions. Enable the guitarist to find appropriate yet innovative voicings for any chord in any position on the fingerboard. Studies chord progressions in each key and enhances the guitarist s ability to hear chord melody voicings in any key. Improves the student s rhythm and melody chord voicings. Beautiful hard cover with spiral binding.

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