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Jim Dunlop Acoustic Strings

Jim Dunlop Acoustic Strings

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Every set of Dunlop acoustic guitar strings delivers brilliant and rich tone for a dynamic and expressive acoustic experience. The finest wire combined with precise construction produce versatile replacement strings durable enough to withstand hard strumming-and responsive enough for delicate fingerpicking. Chords ring out with great clarity, bass notes growl, and harmonics pop and sing. Dunlop's formula creates strings that are exceptionally long-lived, they break-in fast and stay bright so you can spend more time playing and less time changing your strings.

All Jim Dunlop strings are made in Benicia, California in their purpose-built string factory.  Their soul focus is their artists, and input from top players such as Zakk Wylde, Doug Aldrich, Matt Heafy creates an amazing string that all players can really connect with.  From our experience they’ve certainly done that!

The guys at Dunlop developed their strings by analysing the best strings in the world and seeing what could make them better, from wrap wire, core wire, core:wrap ratio, winding speed and tightness, and a load of technical stuff.  The resultant ‘formula’ is for a string that is long-lasting, bright, lively, and super-consistent.

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