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Orange MD20 Micro Dark 20W Head Overview

Orange MD20 Micro Dark 20W Head Overview

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The Orange Micro Dark Head is a tiny version of the popular Dark Terror. As a high-gain counterpart to the Micro Terror, the Micro Dark has a the same highly flexible Shape control, which combines with a new 12AX7-driven preamp section. This gives the Micro Dark a far dirtier range of tones than its size would suggest. If you play metal, shred or rock then the Micro Dark can handle everything you throw at it. That being said, Orange have been keen to make sure that it remains versatile, and it certainly cleans up well and responds brilliantly to pedals thanks to its buffered effects loop. A headphone output with Orange's superb CabSim circuitry lets you practice silently as well. When you're playing loud, though, you can pair up with an Orange PPC108 cab or even go through a bigger 8-16 Ohm cab.

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