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Refurbished Tanglewood Java Series - Orchestra body

Refurbished Tanglewood Java Series - Orchestra body

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This guitar is a striking and sonically impressive instrument that boasts a combination of exquisite tonewoods and advanced electronics, making it a must-have for discerning guitarists. With its orchestra body shape, this guitar offers a balanced and versatile sound that suits a wide range of playing styles and musical genres.

Features a Solid Spruce top, a choice tonewood known for its resonance and clarity. This top wood ensures that the guitar produces a rich and vibrant acoustic tone, capable of projecting your music with precision and depth. The solid Spruce top is a testament to the guitar’s commitment to delivering top-tier acoustic performance.

However, what truly sets this guitar apart is its extraordinary three-piece back crafted from Amara and Spalt Mango. This combination of tonewoods not only adds a visual flair with stunning grain patterns but also contributes to the instrument’s unique tonal characteristics. Amara is known for its warm and balanced tonal properties, while Spalt Mango adds a touch of complexity, creating a sound that’s both articulate and captivating.

The Amara sides further complement the overall tonal profile, providing a consistent and balanced response across the frequency spectrum. This combination of tonewoods ensures that the guitar delivers a rich, full-bodied sound with remarkable sustain.

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