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Reunion Red Cedar & Hawaiian Rainwood

Reunion Red Cedar & Hawaiian Rainwood

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The Reunion TRF HR guitar is a finely crafted instrument designed for musicians who seek a blend of elegance, exceptional tonal quality, and comfort. With its Orchestra body shape, Australian Cedar top, Figured Hawaiian Rainwood back, and Walnut sides, this guitar promises both visual allure and a delightful sonic experience. The Orchestra body shape strikes a perfect balance between projection and comfort. This design is known for its versatility, making it well-suited for fingerstyle playing, intricate picking, and various other playing techniques. The guitar offers an ergonomic playing experience and delivers a well-balanced sound. The Australian Cedar top serves as the heart of the instrument?s tonal character. Renowned for its warm and resonant qualities, it produces a rich, balanced, and expressive tone. Whether you?re playing delicate fingerstyle compositions or strumming with vigor, the Australian Cedar top ensures your music is delivered with clarity and depth.

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