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Acoustic Guitar - Grade 6 Syllabus Book - Rockschool

Acoustic Guitar - Grade 6 Syllabus Book - Rockschool

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Rockschool Acoustic Grade 6 is for students who have begun to develop advanced technical control and a competent grasp of stylistic techniques. At Grade 6 this is shown through mature stylistic conviction, execution of rhythmic complexity, creative and stylistic solo and improvisation work as well as a secure sense of communication and performance. The 2019 Acoustic syllabus is a refreshed approach to acoustic guitar. The syllabus features six tracks for each grade that have been meticulously benchmarked to support students as they learn the instrument. At each grade two of the pieces ask the students to perform without backing track, exploring the soundand resonance of their instrument. The remaining tracks are session style backing tracks that include vocal accompaniment. We've also included the vocal melody lines in the grade books for students who sing and play at the same time.

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