• Perfect for Beginners & NEW STUDENTS

    ONLY £50!

    28th & 29th August from 10AM-1PM

    Join us an enjoyable and educational enriching time where kids can explore various instruments and discover their musical talents.

    Led by skilled instructors, each session offers a selection of instruments to try, from the rhythmic beats of drums to the soulful melodies of the piano. Watch your child's passion for music come alive as they embark on this captivating musical journey. Enrol now to let their creativity soar!

  • A great way for current students to round off the year, recording something they've learnt.

    £50 for the session

    Hour slots on 20th August

    You've spent the whole year learning songs and riffs, why not record one of your grade pieces and send to friends and family, use for auditions or keep for the memories.

    Our tutor will record you on professional equipment with professional sound and lights, then email you the result.

    Don't forget to practice your piece in advance as it wont be a lessons :-)

  • Develops skills in songwriting & music production software

    Price: £150.
    August 12th, 13th & 14th. 10AM-1PM

    Dive into the fascinating world of music production and unleash your inner maestro. Learn how to create captivating beats, compose melodic masterpieces, and produce your very own tracks. Our expert instructor will guide you through the entire process.

  • All ages & abilities

    Price: £22.50
    Available throughout summer

    It's what we're best known for. Discover the joy of playing a musical instrument, this summer, with Kent's Leading Music School. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to enhance your skills, our experienced instructors are here to guide you. You can book ad hoc sessions for both children and adults throughout August. Private tuition costs £22.50 per 30-minute session.

  • Kelly

    Fantastic music classes for all ages, both my girls attend music lessons (guitar & piano) and the teachers are so encouraging, kind and patient! Mark and the team are fab and always available to help with any questions. I would definitely recommend Roar music Academy

  • Paul

    Highly recommend Roar. The team are very friendly and experienced. My grandsons guitar playing has grown immensely with his tutor Jay since being there.