Any Instrument - £35

Our one time fee for diagnostic and small repairs for any instrument. Most small jobs can be completed for this fee; faulty jack socket, stuck mouthpiece, crackles and buzzes. And if it turns out that you need more extensive work, we'll provide you with a detailed quote before we start any additional repairs.

Guitar Re-String - £20

Spruce up the sound of your guitar. Price includes a fretboard clean while the strings are off

Guitar Setup - Acoustic or Electric - Improves Playability - £75

Maybe you've just bought a guitar online and it doesn't quite feel right? OR you've had your guitar while and it's started to change. You need a "Guitar Setup"

An acoustic guitar set up includes:
- truss rod check and adjustment
- string height adjustment
- re-string
- fret polishing and fretboard cleaning.

An electric guitar set up includes:
- spot levelling (if required)
- intonation
- string action;
- neck relief
- nut action
- fret polishing
- fretboard cleaning.

Need specific help or guidance?

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