£75 per month

weekly 1:1 Music tuition (30mins)

Students attend the same time every week (during term time).


Private Tuition: £75 Per Month
40 lessons x £22.50 per lesson = £900. This is divided into 12 equal payments – £900 / 12 = £75 per month

(shared lessons or 20min 1:1 cost £17.50 per lesson = £58.33 per month)

What about if I start part way through the year?
It's really simple. You'll pay a £75 deposit that covers a notice period, plus a part payment for the remainder of that month. 

(shared lessons or 20min 1:1 is the same principle)

What happens if my child loses interest and we need to cancel?
No problem. We get it. Thats why we have this monthly payment scheme. We just need 30 days notice to cancel lessons. At this point we would calculate the number of lessons left in that 30 day period. We would then use your deposit to cover those lessons and that's it!

What happens in school holidays?
Your monthly payments remain constant. This includes months in which there is a holiday break. Some months there may be 5 lessons, other months there may just be 2 or 3.

But over the course of the whole year you only pay for the lessons that you have.

What happens if a tutor is sick?
If a pupil is absent; Lessons missed cannot be refunded. In certain circumstances we may be able to offer an alternative time if space is available but this is not guaranteed.

If our teacher is absent; We will arrange for an alternative teacher or offer to make up the lesson at a future date. If either of these is not possible we will offer you a credit code to arrange the make up session at your convenience.

If your lesson falls on a bank holiday; We will arrange an alternative lesson time or will offer you a credit code to arrange the make up session at your convenience.