Saxophone Lessons

Saxophone Lessons

We provide fun, educationally rewarding & engaging saxophone lessons so that students can become the best possible saxophonists.


  • Saxophone Lessons for children

    Unleash your child's musical potential with our saxophone lessons for kids!

    Starting at age 5, we understand the importance of guiding young minds on their journey to becoming musicians. But before you enroll, consider your child's focus and aptitude for learning - these are key ingredients for success in saxophone lessons.

    Our experienced tutors use interactive and engaging methods to teach your child how to read music and play the saxophone. We'll provide regular feedback on their progress and homework, and we encourage parents to support practice at home, even in small increments during the early stages.

    Let's make music together!

  • Saxophone Lessons for Adults

    We understand that as adults, life can be busy and finding time to learn a new skill can be challenging. That's why our patient and empathetic tutors take the time to understand your goals and aspirations for your musical journey. Don't let the fear of the unknown hold you back - it's never too late to learn to play the saxophone. We have a diverse group of adult students who are proving that age is just a number when it comes to learning to play an instrument. Don't let your dreams of playing the saxophone go unfulfilled, join us today and start your journey."

  • Saxophone Grades

    Track your progress with graded study - 8 grades to work through, offering either classical, rock/pop, jazz, or music theatre. Grade 6 (equivalent to a GCSE) to grade 8 (equivalent to an A-level) also offer UCAS points.

    Not interested in grades? Customized lessons also available for all music styles.


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