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Roadster Series - Parlour Shape - Electro Acoustic Guitar

Roadster Series - Parlour Shape - Electro Acoustic Guitar

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Parlour guitars, with their diminutive physical dimensions and vintage styling always stand out, but in reality, this was the original acoustic body shape for scores of years, Dreadnought and Folk and other variants didn’t appear until many years after the Parlour, so they are not quite as rare as we often think.

Inspired by nature and the raw beauty of classic timber, Roadster II instruments make a truly organic and understated natural statement. Tanglewood have long pioneered the practise of sustainable forestry in the pursuit of art and for this latest Roadster series we match finely graded Canadian Spruce tops with traditional Indonesian mahogany back and sides to produce tonally rich instruments that sound instantly wonderful tuned up right out of the box.

They’re called Roadster because their cosmetic appeal evokes a sense of being close to nature… just as driving a classic open top car with the wind in your hair!

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